Bird watching in the Sil Canyon


The canyon walls and rock formations which rise up impressively over the river Sil, mysterious forests and rugged vineyards tended on terraces since time immemorial make up one of Galicia’s most unique scenic spots, which is home to a large group of highly attractive species.

The area brings together an interesting collection of birds, particularly during the breeding season between April and July. For the best part of its passage through Galicia, the river Sil is deeply set as it flows through a plunging valley. Forests of different types, depending on orientation, rock formations, shrubs and even vineyards are habitats suitable for birds.

What birds can we see?

Particularly striking is the presence of rock birds such as the peregrine falcon, the Eurasian eagle-owl or, in smaller numbers, the blue rock thrush and the golden eagle. Other birds of prey that we can find in the area are the European honey buzzard, the goshawk, the short-toed eagle and the booted eagle. Also common are other species such as the crag martin, the red-rumped swallow or a host of small forest birds, such as the Iberian chiffchaff or the Eurasian nuthatch. In farming and shrub areas, at the canyon’s edge, we can easily see species such as the woodlark or the southern grey shrike.

How and where can we see them?

Under the umbrella of the Galicia Birding brand, the Galician Tourism Agency has suggested the best routes for viewing these birds. Up to five itineraries, on foot or by car through the Sil Canyon, allow us to marvel at beautiful species flying over these gorges.

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