Nature and Scenery

The Ribeira Sacra’s unique characteristics stem from its natural spaces. The impressive Sil and Miño canyons offer spectacular natural wealth where important historical heritage sites were founded. Tourists feel a deep connection with nature and a fusion with the landscape. This explains why monks and hermits, who came in search of a natural setting for meditation, were present in this region for centuries.

All the natural areas presented here belong to the Natura 2000 network and are classified as Sites of Community Importance (SCI).

Walking along one of the paths which cross these spaces, or enjoying the spectacular scenery on offer are the best way to discover these natural gems.

The impressive Sil River Canyon, the peaks of O Courel and the beautiful Montederramo birch forest are just some of the spots which showcase the Ribeira Sacra’s nature in all its splendour.


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