LAST MINNUTE (18/03/2019)

Extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19


LAST MINUTE (15/03/2019)


LAST  MINUTE (14/03/2020)

Alarm status (BOE)


LAST MINUTE (12/13/2019)

The Xunta de Galicia decrees the STATE OF EMERGENCY in Galicia.

Regarding the tourism and hospitality sector:

From 00:00 h (03/14/2020) bars, cafes and restaurants are closed to the public, but home delivery and local pick-up service may be provided with the time strictly necessary for pick-up.

The measure is completed with the closure of nightclubs, discos, pubs, hostels on the Camino de Santiago, sports centers, swimming pools and furanchos (local business).

Hotel catering services are not affected by this measure, provided they only serve customers, and establishments for public service facilities.


MOST OF THE TOURISM SERVICES IN RIBEIRA SACRA (tourist offices, museums, river routes, monasteries, ...) HAVE CLOSED THEIR DOORS and, with the exception of the accommodations that currently have guests, the rest of companies will suspend their activity in the next few hours.
Information to travelers from risk areas CASTELLANO / INGLÉS / CHINO


  • IN GENERAL: The programming of promotional tourist activities planned for Easter by this Consortium is canceled following the recommendations that ask to avoid displacement for leisure reasons or group activities of a recreational nature.
  • TO VISITORS: We recommend that, for the moment, they consult beforehand about the opening or closing of points of tourist interest on the telephones that can be found in each case on this website. The measures adopted in front of the COVID-19 by managers of tourist offices, museums, monasteries, river routes and other services are known with the passing of the hours and it is possible that we do not have the most updated information at the time we receive the queries. .
    In general, for people who are visiting the area at this time, we ask that, as far as possible, they go to the tourist offices by telephone and avoid face-to-face consultations, and attend at all times to the news that is they are transmitting by the authorities through the different media.
    Information to travelers from risk areas CASTELLANO / INGLÉS / CHINO
  • TO THE TOURISM SECTOR: On March 12, we sent via email the "Guide of good practices against COVID-19 for establishments and workers in the tourism sector" prepared by the Secretary of State for Tourism. Please be aware of it and follow these and other instructions that are given by the health authorities in the coming hours or days.