San Vicente do Pombeiro


This beautiful church stands on the right bank of the River Sil, just before it flows into the river Miño. It is surrounded by lush vegetation on a spot chosen in the past by hermits,whose remnants we can still see in anthropomorphic tombs.

As is the case of many other churches in the area, back in the 10th century, San Vicente de Pombeiro was part of a monastery of which today only a few remnants can be seen today. The church was constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries, although it subsequently underwent a number of reforms. It has a basilica floor plan, with three naves and three semi-circular apses. Its distinctive main entrance is set between two buttresses. Two pairs of columns bear slightly pointed archivolts, above a flat tympanum. In the upper part, we can see six arches decorated with human heads and geometric shapes, an ensemble referred to as the "rain stopper". The north and south walls also have interesting doorways. The former is similar to the main doorway, whilst the latter is set below a decorated rose window.

The west façade has a tower with a circular section, topped by a square-sectioned bell tower, crowned by a small dome. Looking through a window on the north wall, we are able to see the church's interior. Inside, Renaissance and Baroque altarpieces are conserved, as well as remnants of old 15th-century frescoes.

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