San Xoan da Cova


This is another of the Ribeira Sacra's Romanesque gems, not only because of its architecture, but also owing to the spot on which it stands.

This church has much in common with Santo Estevo de Chouzán: dating back to the 12th century (except for the belfry), it was moved from its original location when Os Peares reservoir was built and was originally part of a Benedictine monastery.

Its main façade comprises a door formed by a pointed arch with three archivolts, and the tympanum bears an inscription thanking the soldier Pedro García for funding the construction work.

The most significant feature, however, is the north wall, with a door belonging to a small annexed chapel that was not moved; and, above all, because of the tomb, with a recumbent statue, of the Mother Abbess.

San Xoan da Cova

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