Santo Estevo de Atán


Churches of Atán, San Fiz, Pombeiro, Eiré:

you are miracles erected by faith!-E ollades sempre o infinito.

Manuel María

Manuel María

Standing on the Miño's left bank, the history of this place is linked to the repopulation by bishop Odoario in the 8th century and with a monastic enclave.

It was built in the early 8th century, although archaeological studies carried out in the late 20th century point to different constructions which laid the foundations for the current church. The conserved remnants of pre-Romanesque stones, currently found in the bell tower, are evidence of an earlier building.

It has a single rectangular knave with a wooden gabled roof and a transept which is also rectangular.

It still conserves important sculptural decoration in the form of modillions and capitals, as well as numerous marks made by stonemasons.

The decorative elements on the north and east doors, common in other churches in the Ribeira Sacra, are linked to the tradition of Master Mateo.

Conserved inside are frescoes dating from the 15th and 16th centuries.

It was declared a national monument in 1975.

Santo Estevo de Atán

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