Festa dos Fachós (Festival of the Torches)


This festival, held in Castro Caldelas, takes its name of Festa dos Fachós from the large cylindrical torches made from bundles of straw. Tied tightly with rope, the torches are lit and then paraded through the streets.

This event begins each 19 January, when the main torch is ignited in the town square. It then leads the procession through the town. The torch burns slowly until it has almost been entirely consumed, and it is then tossed onto the large bonfire in the square in front of the Church of Los Remedios, while the church bells ring. 

The festivities continue into the night, as the local residents enjoy wine and music and roast sausages around the bonfire.

This event has been declared as a Galician Festival of Tourism Interest.

Date: 19 January.

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