Recommended Routes

If you’re looking for ideas and recommendations for your trip to Ribeira Sacra, you’ve come to the right place! 

By now you’ve probably realised that Ribeira Sacra covers a large amount of territory, so planning a visit may seem complicated... So to give you some help, we’ve created this space. Here you can find a selection of recommended routes that will let you experience the "essentials" of Ribeira Sacra, so that regardless of the number of days you spend in our destination, you’ll be sure to get a good general overview.

These proposed routes have been designed to take into account aspects such as the number of daylight hours, so they can be used during any time of year. If you’re visiting during the summer, for example, you can probably add some other stops, in addition to the ones described (each of the routes has additional information about these possibilities).

We have also taken into consideration other aspects such as the opening hours at the various places you will visit*, and good locations for having lunch and the time required for this**. For this reason, we recommend that when stopping at each location on your route, you should follow the estimated times as much as possible, and you should get started in the morning at 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. from the point indicated.

We have also tried to ensure that the areas covered on the various 1‑day routes do not repeat (the exception is the routes with specific themes: Romanesque architecture, viewpoints, monasteries, wine and vineyards, etc., which do have some repetitions between them). This makes it possible to follow a combination of these routes if you are staying in Ribeira Sacra for more than one day.

* We recommend that you should always confirm these opening hours in advance, because they may be subject to change at specific times during the year.

** In Ribeira Sacra, restaurants tend to be concentrated in particular locations, rather than being more evenly distributed. The routes have been designed so that your lunchtime hours will coincide with these locations.

By taking advantage of these routes, you’ll be able to experience Ribeira Sacra’s most iconic sights and attractions.

On these routes, you can explore the area’s most iconic spots