Miño by Boat

¡WARNING! The boat trips on the Miño rivers operated by Deputación de Lugo and Sacra Activa are cancelled from October 10th for works in Os Peares dam. It's possible navigate with Quinta Sacra and Turismo Pantón.

One of the best ways to discover the Banks of the Miño is by sailing on the waters of this river. In this section, you will find all the information you need on the companies which organise boat trips on the Miño.

On this river, you can find Belesar jetty in O Saviñao, Maiorga Jetty in Pantón and Os Peares jetty in Carballedo. (Peares is actually closed)

Outings are subject to water levels in reservoirs and rivers and, therefore, the Tourism Consortium cannot be held responsible for the cancellation or modification of any route. The companies responsible for managing these services may undergo changes throughout the year and, therefore, the contact details and other information compiled in this guide may be out of date. We recommend that you check organisational information with the relevant companies.

Sail on the Miño