Ribeira Sacra Wine Route

Riverbanks, wineries, grape-harvesting, vine-growers, stores, racking, casks... A whole world just waiting to be discovered!

You can discover villages lost in time, small, charming wineries and larger wine cellars with the latest wine-making technology. You can taste authentic wines, carefully made by wine producers, and experimental wines, which are a challenge to create. You can sleep in enchanting accommodation. You can eat in restaurants offering authentic, traditional home cooking, and others where innovation is also a choice on the menu. You can ride along rivers whilst eagles fly overhead. You can stroll through early-morning mist, which leaves magical traces on the water when mid morning comes. You can let birdsong guide you and discover you for yourself that there really is something sacred about the Ribeira Sacra.

On the Ribeira Sacra Wine Route, you can explore a whole variety of themed establishments which base their activity around the region’s wine-growing tradition.

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