Monasteries and other religious heritage sites

Monasteries, alongside other religious heritage sites, are some of the Ribeira Sacra’s finest assets. These religious buildings, surrounded by spectacular scenery, art and history, are magical places where all kinds of myths and legends are born.

In 1124, Queen Theresa of Portugal used the name Rivoyra Sacrata in the founding document of Montederramo monastery. The term, which precedes the current name Ribeira Sacra, refers to the wealth of monasteries and chapels which began to be built in the valleys of the rivers Sil and Miño from the 5th century onwards.

Religious orders left a rich legacy of monasteries on this area, which we can continue to admire today. Here, we offer you information on the main monasteries and other important monuments.

Find the Ribeira Sacra’s feligious heritage and plan your visit