Other heritage sites of interest

Although Ribeira Sacra’s distinctive landscapes, monasteries, and religious heritage sites may be its best-known attractions, there are many other points of interest that are also well worth a visit!

There are archaeological sites in the form of Castro culture hillforts, necropolis sites, and Roman gold mining operations that reflect centuries of occupation of these lands, and which help bring Ribeira Sacra’s origins and history to life.

You can visit buildings throughout Ribeira Sacra that feature sgraffito decorations and painted murals, with the first being a more traditional artistic technique and the second a more contemporary form of expression.

You can also visit unique villages and their surrounding landscapes, whether located in the mountains or along the riverbanks. They may surprise you with their rich variety of historic, architectural, and environmental characteristics.

One aspect of Ribeira Sacra’s immaterial heritage is reflected in its traditional legends and tales of mythological beings, which are another way of experiencing the history and culture of the people who have made this place their home.

Finally, there are many other elements of cultural and historical interest: watermills, medieval and modern bridges, medicinal mineral springs, a historic blacksmith’s forge, and a cave that was used by resistance fighters during the Spanish Civil War.