Sgraffito decorations and murals

Between 2015 and 2017, the Ribeira Sacra Tourism Consortium carried out two projects, one focused on beautifying public spaces and the other on restoring the value of a little-known resource that was in danger of disappearing.

The first project, named A Touch of Colour in Ribeira Sacra, is based on creation of urban art in the form of murals, to renew and revitalize spaces that had become unattractive near tourism resources.

The second project is also related to art, but in this case focused on raising awareness about the decorative technique known as sgraffito, and restoring the value of prominent examples. This project was divided into three segments: researching these decorative techniques and publishing a book about them, raising public awareness of sgraffito through educational events and workshops, and restoring existing sgraffito decorations and creating of new works.

Now, these murals and sgraffito decorations have become a tourism resource, and by visiting them, you can take a trip through the history of Ribeira Sacra’s material and immaterial culture.