Distance of the trip
149.6 km
Time of the trip
2 days

Monasteries Route

Cultural Routes

Monasteries represent some of Ribeira Sacra’s greatest treasures. The have been built in many different styles and sizes, and they are located along the banks of the rivers as well as in the surrounding hills and mountains. There are numerous monastery complexes that are still in a good state of preservation, and this makes it difficult to visit all of them in a single day. We have therefore created this 2‑day itinerary to help you experience this more spiritual side of Ribeira Sacra. (You can also opt to follow the itinerary for just one of the two days.)

Be sure to follow all the recommendations included for these routes, so you will not miss out on any details. Also, remember that you can follow these routes year-round, because when planning them we have taken into account the number of daylight hours available and the normal visiting hours of the various monuments and attractions.