PR-G 162 Ribeira Sacra on the River Miño Route


This 35-kilometre route follows the course of the river Miño downstream through the Ribeira Sacra. We can enjoy wonderful scenery, typical villages and some of the area's most important monuments. Moreover, on the route itself, or nearby, there are a number of rural cottages and wineries where we can spend the night or sample a high-quality wine.

Directions Directions
Distance of the route
35.28 km
Time of the route
11 h 45 min
Itinerary of the route
Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño Monastery
Cima de Atán
Difference in elevation
Up: 2066 m
Down: 1877 m
M.I.D.E. 3 3 3 4

This route starts at Santo Estevo de Ribas de Miño monastery: an architectural gem from the Romanesque period, with a rose window considered to be one of the most spectacular examples of this style in Galicia. We continue along the eastern side of the valley and, further along, make our way down to the village of Belesar, where we can board a catamaran offering boat rides on the waters of the Miño. We continue on our way, leaving small picturesque villages behind us to go around the famous Cabo do Mundo (Cape/End of the World): a spectacular meander of the Miño. The route then moves downstream, through forests, vineyards and more hamlets, where we can admire traditional architecture and religious buildings. Further along, we pass close by the Fervenza de Augacaída: a spectacular waterfall, dozens of metres high, in a setting that evokes bygone eras. Lastly, after leaving Santo Estevo de Atán church behind us, we climb up to Cima de Atán, where the route ends.


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Unquestionably, this route offers a wealth of attractions, ranging from historical, monumental religious structures to huge waterfalls, via boat trips and wine tastings.

We recommend a catamaran ride along the river Miño, which offers a very different perspective to the hiking route.

PR-G 162 Ribeira Sacra on the Miño Route

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