Amandi Wine Fair


One of the Ribeira Sacra's earliest-starting festivals, where every year Amandi winemakers come together to offer their wines for tasting.

The festival area, in the Town Hall Square, is filled with the music of Sober Municipal Band, one of the oldest in Galicia, and one of the town's symbols, to accompany this enormous gathering celebrating Amandi wine (a sub-area of the Ribeira Sacra P.D.O.) The event also serves as an excuse for showcasing the area's setting and its way of life, focusing on wine-growing but also on pottery, with the neighbouring parish of Gundivós as a producer. Just by approaching one of the fair's handicraft stalls, we can begin to understand the importance of this age-old pottery tradition, because of its use in wine-growing tasks.

Here, Amandi winemakers come with their Mencía wine, the standard-bearer for Galician reds, providing visitors with the opportunity to sample it, along with other excellent products, such as cheeses, bread and honey from the Ribeira Sacra, and sweet doughnuts from Millán, which are highly prized for their quality.

The festival (Tourist Interest in Galicia) is attended by visitors in their thousands, highlighting the importance of wine-growing in the area, as well as the driving force and prestige of a wine which, as legend would have it, was taken to the Rome of the Caesars, and which has been cultivated in the Ribeira Sacra, in terraces across the steep slopes of the sides of the Sill canyon, since the founding of the region's monastic orders.

A terrain which makes work in the vineyards extremely difficult, and which explains why this wine-growing is called “heroic“.

Date: Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday.

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