Augacaída Waterfall

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Formed by the Aguianza stream, this 40-metre high waterfall is very close to the mouth of the Miño river.

You can also get there on the Ruta de Augacaída - Castro de Marce hiking route or by inflatable boat with the Turismo Pantón and Quinta Sacra river routes.

The route starts on the road to Marce, on a bend with a signpost marking the start of the trail. Take the path that goes down between the trees. Continue down about a kilometre and you will have two options: to take the path to the Augacaída waterfall or to continue on to the Castro de Marce hill fort.

The waterfall is one of the highest in Galicia and the descent is the toughest part of the route, although now there are wooden walkways that make the descent easier.

Along the trail are several remains of popular architecture, such as shelters for cattle, but the most interesting is the Castro de Marce hill fort. This ancient castro settlement is on top of a small hill, from where there are spectacular views of the river Miño.

Augacaída Waterfall

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