Bird watching on the Banks of the Miño


Half of the river Miño flows through landscapes which are largely undiscovered but which are of great scenic, natural and ethnographic interest. Nowadays, these waters are held back by reservoirs as they flow down but the hillsides of this great valley are home to vast, unexplored forests which live in harmony alongside vineyards - the main attraction - and small villages.

What birds can we see?

The almost inaccessible forests on the sides of this great valley are ideal spots for birds of prey - such as the booted eagle, the short-toed eagle and the goshawk - to nest, although the black kite is most common in the spring. Rock formations bring together large populations of rock birds, such as the peregrine falcon or the crag martin. The area’s warm climate encourages the presence of species such as the nightingale or the red-rumped swallow. Reservoirs here are home to a number of water birds, such as the grey heron, the great cormorant or the great crested grebe.

How and where can we see them?

Under the umbrella of the Galicia Birding brand, the Galician Tourism Agency has suggested the best routes for viewing these birds. Up to three itineraries - on foot, by bike or by car - allow us to marvel at beautiful species flying over the Miño.

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You can also take the chance to visit Romanesque churches, wineries... The Banks of the Miño offer a wide range of options.