PR-G 218 Montouto Circular Route


On this eighteen-kilometre circular route, we will discover a well-preserved indigenous forest known as Devesa do Cervo. We then climb up to the summit of Mount Montouto, where we can take in breathtaking panoramic views. To finish, we make our way down to the level of the river Soldón, and then follow its course upstream until we arrive back at our starting point.

Directions Directions
Distance of the route
18.2 km
Time of the route
6 h 40 min
Itinerary of the route
O Mazo (Soldón)
O Mazo (Soldón)
Difference in elevation
Up: 1108 m
Down: 1108 m
M.I.D.E. 3 3 3 4

This route starts in the hamlet of O Mazo: a small cluster of traditional houses in this area full of mountains and valleys. We make our way down alongside the river Soldón, overlapping with the PR-G 192 route from A Seara to Rugando for just over five hundred metres. We then come to a fork in our path and turn left, where we begin to enter the beautiful Devesa do Cervo: a collection of the multiple species of trees and plants that grow across a deep valley at the foot of Montouto. After walking a further five kilometres through this forest, we begin to climb up the side of the mountain along a wider pathway, reaching a forest track which will take us to the start of a route leading up to the summit. This is a very steep, poorly-kept pathway, and you need to be fairly fit to tackle it. Once at the summit, the views are spectacular, allowing us to see almost all of Galicia's highest mountains. From there, we walk along the mountain ridge until we reach a track which takes us down to the river Soldón, which we follow upstream until we arrive back at O Mazo.

This is a mountainous route which crosses remote areas away from urban areas and where, in winter, there is a high chance of snow. For this reason, we should calculate the time needed to complete it and take the weather forecast into account.

Don't miss!

We recommend stopping off along the way to visit the remains of O Mazo Smithy, to imagine the activity previously carried out in the building: one of the main activities in the O Courel Mountains in the past.

PR-G 218 Montouto Circular Route

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