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Although the Jews in Monforte were never confined to one area and lived with the rest of the population, probably the fact that many of them were craftsman and men of letters was the reason that the clearest references that we have to them say they lived on Calle Zapaterías, Falagueira and Pescaderías or in the present-day Plaza de España, now the link to the commercial centre of the city.

A stroll through the Jewish quarter still lets you see the houses of some famous Jews, like the Gaibors. On Calle Pescaderías is another of the towers of the city wall. From here, there is a superb view of the city, the monastery of A Régoa and the city wall. A little further along, on the same street, is the old jail and from its second floor there is another panoramic view of the old city and, very close to this building, the Plaza de España. The old city still preserves two of the gates in the city wall, the Alcazaba Gate and the New Gate.

The important Jewish history of Monforte de Lemos has made it part of the Spanish Network of Jewish Quarters.

Jewish Quarter

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