Monastery of Seoane Vello


On 21st August 1124, Queen Teresa of Portugal signed a document giving Abbott Arnaldo and his Benedictine monks, who were living in a place known as ROVOYRA SACRATA, permission to build a monastery.

The name of Ribeira Sacra therefore appears to come from the place where the monastery of Seoane Vello was built, since this document indicates that the monks were already living there. It was after this time that Santa Maria de Montederramo was built and they moved in.

Although for a long time Rovoyra has been related to Ribeira, it very possibly refers to "Rubus” or the sacred oak tree. In fact, on the coat of arms of the priest’s house in Seoane, there is a shield with an uprooted oak tree and the symbols of the Cistercians (a crosier, a mitre and a fleur-de-lis).


Monastery of Seoane Vello

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Cenobio Seoane Vello, OU-536, 3, Leboreiro


32790 Ourense

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