Niñodaguia Pottery Workshop and Museum


The parish of Santa María de Niñodaguia belongs to the municipality of Xunqueira de Espadanedo, and is known internationally as a place where traditional pottery making techniques have been preserved and are still used.

The ''cacharreiros'' (potters) of Niñodaguia—also known as ''xarreiros'' or ''calleiros'' —maintained their traditional pottery trade thanks to the unique, abundant clay of Mount Barro, in Veigachá. The clay, with its high kaolin content, along with the temperatures which the pieces are subjected to in the kiln, give this pottery its colour, its lightness and the sound which distinguishes it from other types of pottery, making it more akin to porcelain.

Pots from Niñodaguia are pure alchemy: earth, water fire and air are transformed into art thanks to the ancestral knowledge of these potters, demiurges who, with their hands, release the material's spirit. The pots from Niñodaguia are pure alchemy: earth, water, fire and air are transformed into art using the ancient wisdom of the potters, divine creators whose hands release the soul of the material.

In the workshop-museum you can journey to the heart of pottery making, visit the ancient kilns, find out about the uses for their wares and discover the secrets of the fast wheel.

From July 8 2020 will be necessary to book in advance to visit this monastery. You can do it through the reservation button or through the following link



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There are number of activities relating to the museum: in July, ''Firing in traditional kilns'' and in mid-August the ''International Potters' Meeting''

Niñodaguia Pottery Museum-Workshop

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Rúa O Campo, Niñodaguia

Xunqueira de Espadanedo

32730 Ourense

Teléfono contacto
988 291 190
Opening times

Wednesday to Sunday: Guided tours at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 hours.
Maximum capacity: 10 people
Interpretive visits €2 / €1.50 red. Combined (with Monastery of Xunqueira de Espadanedo) €3 / €2.50 red.

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