Os Novais Castle


The castle was built in the 12th century on a strategic site overlooking the river Sil. It was inhabited by the Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem and from there they administered their mission.

The building has not been restored and only the remains of walls, ditches, defences, doors and windows can be seen. It has a reddish colour because the stone with which it was built has oxidised.

The palace has a trapezoidal floor plan and was completed in the 13th century. On the façade is a cross of Malta.

The tower was built in the 10th century, possibly on top of a previous building. It is square and still has its thick walls, which reveal its defensive nature.

Legend has it that there was a tunnel from the castle to the opposite bank of the river Sil, a passageway used by the daughter of the Lord of Terranovaes in order to meet up with a peasant commoner. Her father found out about these meetings and ordered the two entrances to be walled up while they were inside, so that they remained closed up for ever. The grains of gold that filled the river Sil came from her hair and on nights with a full moon the sighing of the lovers can still be heard.

Torrenovaes Castle

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