Quiroga Geological Museum


A visit to Galicia's geological past. We can also admire a comprehensive collection of fossils, skeletons and life-sized models.

Opened in 2011, the Quiroga Geological Museum is the first museum in Galicia devoted entirely to interpreting geological heritage.

This space, of around 120 square metres, is divided into five rooms which will bring us closer to the area's geology, palaeontology and mining, possibly the most important in Galicia in these aspects.

The first room, “The formation of the territory of Galicia”, analyses the Campodola-Leixazós fold and includes a sample of the 32 minerals and 17 rocks present in the area.

The second room is called “Palaeontological History of Galicia.

The evolution of life” and shows us the different life forms over the last 650 million years; especially noteworthy are the glass display cabinets with real fossils and a recreation of the skeleton of the “Cave bear”.

In room three, “The ice age.

The Pleistocene”, the importance of glaciation in forming the territory is highlighted, showing the impact left by the different glaciers that existed in the area.

The fourth room is devoted to “The first human settlements”, displaying a collection of skulls showing human evolution, and different panels on the inhabitants of the territory and the use of tools.

And lastly, the fifth room, “Mining”, explains how the mining of iron, slate, limestone, stibnite and, above all, gold, was carried out.

Quiroga Geological Museum

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Rúa do Caurel, s/n


27320 Lugo

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982 435 125
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Monday to Friday: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 11:00 am to 12:00 am.
Another openin times and group visits consult in 982 435 125.


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