River Cabe

The source of the river Cabe is in the Courel mountains, and it passes through Monforte de Lemos before reaching the Sil Canyon, where it converges with the Sil in an area full of gorges.

The source of the river Cabe is at an altitude of 900 m, in the Loureira mountains. It converges with the river Antigua to the left and, further along, flows into the Lemos graben, which fills with sediments, aided by the rivers Saa and Mao. Downstream, it converges with the river Cinsa and the small river Ferreira.

The unique topographical features of these landscapes is also the reason for their special climate. Bridges, mills, but also stately homes, wineries set among vineyards and religious art are all part of the scenery surrounding the Cabe, just waiting for you to enjoy them.

It boasts well-preserved riverside vegetation and a notable Iberian nase population. Forests of Galician-Portuguese oak trees, chestnut trees, heather, gorse and riverside vegetation.

In terms of fauna, we can find the grey heron, small falcon, bat, owl and stoat, amongst others. The genet and wildcat are also typical mammals in this area.

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A celebration of this river ("La fiesta del río" or the River Festival) is held on the last Saturday in July in Monforte de Lemos

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