PR-G 180 A Cubela Route


Along this circular route covering almost fourteen kilometres, we will explore a trail which, for almost half its length, runs very close to the waters of the river Sil. The other half takes in higher areas, which bring together indigenous forests and meadowland. We will have wonderful views of the river and its impressive meander.

Directions Directions
Distance of the route
13.5 km
Time of the route
4 h 30 min
Itinerary of the route
Castro de Abaixo
Castro de Abaixo
Difference in elevation
Up: 721 m
Down: 721 m
M.I.D.E. 2 2 2 3

This route begins in Castro de Abaixo, close to the N-120 road and the area of Augasmestas. Firstly, there is a steep climb up through chestnut groves along the side of the valley, leading us to Torbeo. We also pass close by a number of small streams and farms. Once we have passed Torbeo, we start to walk down side of the Canyon towards A Covela, where we can admire the large meander formed by the river Sil. We then take an old path, in some sections carved into the rocks, which follows the course of the river upstream for four kilometres. Finally, at the end of this path, we need only climb up a few metres to reach our finishing point.


Don't miss!

We recommend visiting Santa María de Torbeo parish church: an excellent example of Galician rural Romanesque architecture from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

We also recommend visiting the Geological Museum in Quiroga, which is one of a kind in the whole of Galicia. It is a good idea to check its opening times beforehand, and visits by appointment can also be arranged.

PR-G 180 A Cubela Route

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