PR-G 237 Sendeiro do Miradoiro de Matacás


The PR-G 237 is a circular route that connects the center of Castro Caldelas with the Viewpoint of As Penas de Matacás, where a spectacular panorama opens over the Sil Canyon that highlights the contrast between the wooded slopes of Ourense and the sunny vineyards in terraces of Lugo.

The route includes a branch to the Abeleda Jetty, and offers the great attraction of the vineyards, soutos and villages made of black slate in Paradela and Alais, the centennial cork oak of Lugar de Arriba and the beautiful views of the Abeleda Valley and the forests surrounding Castro Caldelas.

Directions Directions
Distance of the route
19.45 km
Time of the route
7 h 00 min
Itinerary of the route
Praza do Prado (Castro Caldelas)
Praza do Prado (Castro Caldelas)
Difference in elevation
Up: 992 m
Down: 992 m
M.I.D.E. 3 2 2 4

1. From Castro Caldelas to Macatás Lookout (going trough Celeirón)

PR-G 237 converges with PR-G 213 (The Way of Magical Forests of Castro Caldelas) in the urban center of Castro Caldelas. Be care of the signals that differentiates the two routes with its own beacon so as not to take the wrong path.

You can start the route towards the village of Celeirón, inflection point between the forests on the shady slopes and the terraced vineyards in the sunny ones. A steep descent goes through the soutos  (chestnut groves) and their sequeiros (hestnut dryers) to later go up between the vineyards, where we will have spectacular views above the Abeleda Valley. In this part also stands out the villages made of slate and the centenary cork oak of Paradela. Before Matacás Lookout, a round trip derivation to the Abeleda Jetty gives us great views of the Penas de Matacás - that rise above us - by the Sil River.

2 . From the viewpoint of Matacás to Castro Caldelas (going trough the place of A Ruxidoira)

The viewpoint of Matacás gives us an extraordinary panoramic of the Sil River - on clear days, it can cover several kilometers around. Here, a narrow path by the pointed rocks of As Penas de Matacás - sometimes of whimsical shapes and others y otras emerged from the ground like saw teeth - leads us to the small villages of this wild part of Castro Caldelas.

After this we will arrive to A Ruxidoira, an area of pine forests where we can see the hill where the ville of Castro Caldelas sits majestically, crowned by its castle and the Church of Santa Isabel. We will also have beautiful views of the entire valley sculpted by the Edo River, a tributary of the Sil.


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PR-G 237 Sendeiro do Miradoiro de Matacás

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