PR-G 242 Chapel of San Vitorio to Veneira Mine Route


This route runs from the Chapel of San Vitoiro to Alto do Grail, passing by several points of interest, such as the settlement of Covadela and the historic mining village of A Veneira de Roques.

Directions Directions
Distance of the route
6.2 km
Time of the route
2 h 20 min
Itinerary of the route
Capilla de San Vitorio, A Pobra do Brollón
A Veneira de Roques, A Pobra do Brollón
Difference in elevation
Up: 32 m
Down: 487 m
M.I.D.E. 1 2 2 2

The route begins in the location of the chapel, and after following an incline for about 850 metres, there is a branch of the trail approximately 600 metres long that leads to the San Vitorio Viewpoint. In that location you will enjoy some impressive views over the valley and the chapel.

After returning to the main route, continue along the path for another 3.5 kilometres. On this part of the trail you will pass close to two remote villages on the mountain: Covadelas  and A Veneira de Roques.

Back on the path again, you will walk upwards for approximately 1.3 kilometres until you get to the end of the route, at the location known as Alto do Grail. Here you will find a small chapel, located in the recreation area of the same name. There are local tales that tell about the miraculous nature of this chapel. The most popular story about this location explains that the image of San Vitorio appeared repeatedly, close to where the chapel is now located. Despite the efforts of the churchgoers to return it to the place where it had previously stood, it always returned. Since the people eventually became tired of taking the saint back to his proper place, they built a new chapel here instead, where he could remain permanently. 

The village of A Veneira de Roques was originally built for the miners who worked in the surrounding mineral deposits. These days there is still extensive evidence of how important these iron mines were to the region, such as the extensive network of excavated mining galleries that still exist beneath the village.

PR-G 242 Ruta de San Vitorio á Mina de Veneira

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