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This is an easy 4.5 km walking route in the Courel Mountains UNESCO Geopark. It passes by the A Escrita, O Vago and O Covallón mines and also offers views of the systems used for prospecting and the Augas Santas tunnel.

From its start at the place known as A Escrita, it climbs steadily in open surroundings with good visibility. The magnificent landscape of the Sil river valley, in the Quiroga-San Clodio depression, is on the right, while to the north and somewhat further away are the mountains of O Courel, which, together with the river Sil, are emblematic of this area.

The integration of Man into the geological landscape, turning it into a human landscape, is the overall theme of this route. Just 500 metres from the start of the trail is the first of the four Roman gold mines to be found along the way. You should stop at each of them to learn a little about what this world was like 2000 years ago.

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