Church of San Xillao de Lobios


The Church belonged to a former monastery of Benedictine nuns, but no rooms are kept today. The Church, which was converted into a parish, is one of the examples of the late Romanesque that we keep in the Ribeira Sacra (1200-1225).

It has a rectangular nave with a wooden ceiling and a rectangular apse, straight Presbyterian and main Chapel of straight front.

Inside, the Presbytery is covered with vaults resting on corbels-capital, distinctive feature of the Galician late architecture.  In the four corbels, the Tetramorphs according to the vision of Ezekiel are sculpted. If you look straight to the altar, you can see Saint Luke Bull and the lion of Saint Marcus on the left. On the right, Saint John Eagle and the angel of St. Matthew.  These figures were made by different hands, since we can see differences in technique. In the representations of Saint Luke and Saint Marcus, greater skills are perceived. The artist cares for moulding their bodies with rounded shapes. In the case of Saint John and Saint Matthew, we observed that the artist was less skilled, since the style is cruder. On the outside, we highlight its South façade which is quite flared. The archivolts are supported on capitals with interesting iconography. It is a confrontation between good and evil. The image of evil is represented in the Centaur and dragon, fantasy animals. The image of the good is represented in birds and Saint Michael. Looking at the front to the left, we see centaurs symbolizing lust and pride. In the centre, there is a capital with vegetal decoration. Then, we have the reference to the faithful soul represented in birds, which may be doves, positive bird that identifies the Holy Spirit and is the image of the Christian virtues. On the right, we find the representation of Saint Michael killing the defeated dragon. Then, another capital with vegetal decoration, and finally, the dragon representing Satan, king of the underworld.

 The main façade is similar to the South. Its capitals decoration is vegetal. On the facade, you can see a beautiful pointed arch window with two openings and decorated with balls and scallop shells. The blind North Gate giving access to the cloister has a frame with chess motifs, as well as geometric and vegetal decoration.

To get there, at the square of the town hall of Sober we have to take the road towards Doade and in fifteen minutes we reach the village of Lobios, where we will see the church to our left.

Iglesia de San Xillao de Lobios

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The interior of the church is closed, and can only be accessed by contracting a visit with official guides.

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