Sgraffito in Torre Square (Castro Caldelas)

Sgraffito decorations

Work was carried out on a building located in the centre of Castro Caldelas, declared a Historical-Artistic Monument in 1988, and on which chamfered edges were sufficient.

Castro Caldelas is a welcoming place for visitors and offers a viewpoint over the River Sil as it passes through the Ribeira Sacra. We are endeavouring to recover the traditional technique of Sgraffito, providing it with an added, contemporary value by combining it with mural painting. Undoubtedly, a totally innovative technique which will not be lost on our visitors.

As is usual in Tourism Consortium beautification projects, different motifs related to the customs and traditions of the Ribeira Sacra feature. In this case, the decoration features the route of the "Irrio" in the Remedios procession, and the well-known Torch-burning Festival.

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The building is close to the mediaeval fortress, comprising a stately home and castle, originally belonging to the family of the Counts of Lemos. Close by, we can also visit the neoclassical Remedios shrine and the16th-century Santa Isabel church.

Sgraffito and mural painting in Castro Caldelas

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