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There is traditional song which goes “When passing through Gundivós / the first thing you see / are the pots drying / and the kilns firing”.

Workshop, store and guided tours on Gundivós ceramics. Workshops are organised for different audiences. Possibility of visiting the winery in the same compound.

Traditional black ceramics focused on producing pieces for use in kitchens, wine cellars or traditional tasks, such as pig slaughter. Items for use with wine were sealed with "pez": a resin which melts and sticks to the previously-fired piece when heated up directly over a flame, which must be made of dry "carqueixa" (Genista tridentata) to reach the required temperature.This resin is also said to improve the taste of drinks; however, it must not come into contact with hot liquids or strong drinks, as it would melt.

Currently, all manner of decorative pieces are also produced, with smoking and coating in "pez" used for all of them, giving them a fine shiny black colour; this said, traditionally,pieces that did not need to be sealed were reddish in colour.


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