Church and Abbey of San Clodio


The Abbey was founded over a thousand years ago. In the 12th century it was given to the monks of San Bieito, who remained there until it was confiscated by Mendizábal and fell into the hands of Manuel Batanero. Today only the church, a tower and the façade remain.

The church was built in the first half of the 12th century, but only the semicircular apse, built of blackened purpend stones, and the North door, which has a rounded arch, remain. The rest has been altered. The nave was extended to its present-day length. The exterior decoration on the windows and the fragments of columns were limestone, contrasting with the local slab.

The apse is divided into three sections by polygonal pillars. In each of the sections is a flared window with a lintel above and a chequered archivolt. The cornice rests on corbels that are almost all undecorated, except for two of them. One is decorated with diamond shapes and the other with a ram's head.

The entrance door to the abbey is Renaissance, dating from the 16th century. Over it is the royal coat of arms. It also bears an inscription dating from its restoration in 1604, when the abbot was Alfonso Solís.

The remains of the tower, attached to the apse, were part of the old abbey, destroyed by the passage of time and by the assault and burning during the assault by the French troops. Legend has it that, because of the attack, a French captain was murdered by a nationalist bandit. In revenge, the French burned and destroyed the village of Peines, the church and the abbey of San Clodio.

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San Clodio Church and Abbey

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Ctra. de San Pedro - San Clodio

Ribas de Sil

27310 Lugo

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The interior of the church is closed, and can only be accessed by contracting a visit with official guides.

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